Fluor – Future Growth Project

The Future Growth Project is part of a major expansion for Tengiz that will increase production of crude oil by 12 million tonnes per year. It is located on the 2,500 square kilometer (1,600 square mile) project license area which includes the super giant Tengiz field, and a smaller but sizable Korolev field and several exploratory prospects.

It is one of the world’s deepest developed super giant oil fields, with the top of the reservoir at about 4,000 meters. Tengiz reservoir is 19 kilometers wide by 21 kilometers long. The oil column measures an incredible one mile thick. The reservoir area is so large that one would have to run nearly two marathons to cover the entire distance around it. The Tengiz and Korolev fields have potential for an estimated 6 billion to 9 billion barrels of recoverable oil.


Working as a client of PJV (Fluor & Worley Parsons) we have provided two planning resources for the FGP project each performing different roles based on their individual skills.

1. Senior P6 Interface Planner. October 2013 – November 2014

Our role was to interface and manage schedules for MAC (Main Automation Contractor), a role performed by Mustang Engineering and an additional interface between PJV, MAC & GE schedules. As of May 2014 the project moved into Detailed Design with the interface in final stages of completion. After working closely with Mustang Engineering, PJV C&I & Engineering teams, all deliverables from each party, both design and hardware were defined and any problem areas identified and mitigated resulting in a working interface between three schedules. MAC will deliver 120+ RIEs both for module installation and standalone to Korea and Kazakhstan, plus PAS panels to GE and site in Tengiz over 8 years via seasonal shipping windows. Trips to Atyrau were included to align with schedules managed out of the Atyrau offices.

As well as schedule integration, a package of data to facilitate the interface has been developed which included;

  • A report dashboard – a data analysis & reporting tool developed in excel to identify slippage & float consumption prior to importing.
  • A series of layouts to further analyse driving deliverables and logic.
  • Detailed logic diagrams which were the outcome of Interactive Project Planning Meetings (IPPM) held by out planner and the PJV control systems management team.
  • A handover procedure which gave detailed overview of the interface and it’s workings as well as instruction for the updating cycles.

 2. Lead Procurement & Contracts Planner. March 2013 – Present

Our role is to manage the schedule for procurement and contracts on FGP, developing the key phasing requirements for key stages and liaising with transportation and module fabrication to schedule key long lead items. We have developed the schedule during FEED which included identification of key long lead deliverables and their effect on the overall target completion of the project. Also we have developed logic and process flow diagrams for Procurement philosophy to enable consistency of approach through different schedule areas within P6. We develop and provide mitigation plans to help ease transition of long lead items to achieve RAS (Required at Site) delivery dates.

An overview of scope;

  • Lead the development and manage Phase 4 Procurement P6 schedule.
  • Lead the development and manage Phase 4 Contracts P6 schedule.
  • Provide Logic and Process diagrams.
  • Provide mitigation solutions to ensure key dates are maintained.