Our Bespoke Report Systems

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Dynamic Dashboards

All too often we see key planning staff spending too much time punching numbers into laborious spreadsheets, updating charts and tables with information pulled out of a schedule, spending too much time updating and not enough time planning and monitoring the critical areas of the project.

We solve that problem by creating dynamic reporting systems that provide an easy to update project report that take minutes to update and with some simple forward thinking can be transferred from project to project no matter how they differ.


Updated straight from schedule data, our reports are ready as soon as the schedule is updated. These can be full comprehensive project reports or a management overview showing key areas of your project.

We can create print-ready beautiful reports customised with your companies brand, corporate colour schemes and logos; include an interactive dashboard of information, live charts and dynamic tables. They can feed straight from a schedule export and once complete they completely eliminate human error, unproductive work and are completely print ready.

Please see below some examples of our dashboards.

please note that all dashboards contain sample data and the logos of the companies have been removed for client confidentiality.

KA--Full-Print V--Full-Print Web-Analytics---Full-Print

S-Curves & Histograms

scurvesNo project report would be complete without a set of s-curves and histograms which track progress, cost and labour for the full cumulative project lifecycle and periodic intervals which every project manager and team leader should recognise and understand.

S-Curves and histograms would be produced using your schedules distributed cost, labour or achieve and forecasted progress, so as your project progresses your charting analysis should be useful and informative, showing projected outcomes for all disciplines, WBS and areas of a project.

We produce these as standard for all of the projects we work on as they are the generic report format for all projects with no exception. We can build them into our dashboards or provide them in the form of P6 layout PLF files. We can include forecasts, early and late curves and other forms of trend lines.

Schedule Layouts

Producing a good suite of schedule layouts can be critical as they must be informative and understood by all team members in order to provide insight to the project at any point in time. We believe they must represent your companies brand and be recognisable to the people who read them.

From a level 1 through to detailed level 4 layouts, discipline or WBS specific, getting the information across to your teams is equally important as completing the work.

We use Primavera P6 to develop a suite of useful schedule interfaces which aim to provide your team a varied insight to the project and its current status. We outline the structure using your global or project activity codes and show everything from activities, cost distributions, baseline analysis, variances, earned values and much more.

Our layouts are custom to your project, your company and your team’s requirements. We can develop high level views for management, discipline specific views for leads, area views for project managers, cost layouts for the cost teams and labour distributions for HR.

We are experts with Primavera Systems, databases, graphical interfaces and business reporting and utilise all of our skills to provide your team with the information they need at the click of a mouse.


Bespoke Solutions

For many projects we have worked on, we have been asked to start with a blank slate. We have integrated custom databases and set up everything from servers and SharePoint platforms to Document Control systems. And of course, we love to integrate teams and their workflows to make life easy and the project work. We truly believe that interdepartmental integration is key to driving productivity and team communication.

Project Management systems such as Primavera P6 have much more to offer than many people know of - and being the consummate professionals we are, we love to utilise the full suite to keep workflow productive.

 Should you have specific needs, or simply have questions you need answering, please let us know as we love a challenge.