Our Custom Software Set-up & Management

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Software & Database Setup

As well as planning and reporting we have vast IT experience and can provide these services to you and your project. Our broad spectrum of services are very dynamic and we can provide many solutions for your project’s needs, from systems implementation and networking to software and support.

softwaresetupsmOracle Systems (P6)

We have worked with the full lifecycle of Primavera systems from P3 and P3e right up to P6.


We can provide system setup for both standalone and server-based installs, network installation, administrative management, support and training. We can set your software up from install and configuration to user management - and can even suggest some best practises going forward which many companies get wrong. Including;

  • EPS Structures
  • WBS/OBS/Roles
  • Work Products & Document Integration
  • Financial Periods/Period Performance
  • Users/Security Profiles
  • Admin Categories/Preferences
  • User Preferences
  • Schedule Layout Properties
  • Cost Accounts
  • Global Coding

Many companies don’t use this powerful project management tool to its full potential, so get in touch and we can help you unlock the full benefits of the system.

Planning Databases

Most big super projects require a large robust database to enable system performance and collaboration of schedule data for multiple users across their network simultaneously; therefore most systems will either integrate to an SQL or ORACLE database which must be configured for your project to run efficiently.

Custom databases for progress measurement and more can be developed in Microsoft Access or your current information can feed Big Data NoSQL web driven databases.  We have many solutions for data driven environments using current and new technology.

Document Management Systems

Project documentation is key information for you project. For FEED projects (Front End Engineering & Design) documentation provides your project’s key deliverables and the document phases must be recorded, updated and referenced throughout the lifecycle of the project. For construction it provides blueprint information for the execution of the project, therefore a concise and efficient documentation system is key to success. We have experience with the development, roll out and use of document control systems in project environments and can offer solutions to match the intricacy of your projects. We can also tie the documentation back to P6 to enable quick access for your teams via the schedule itself.

Sharing & Infrastructure

Successful work collaboration requires integrated systems and streamlined communications between users and their information. There are many ways to achieve this across both large companies working with multiple projects and small project-based teams.


With the rise of social networking, cloud computing and cloud storage there are so many ways to communicate that if you’re stuck in old habits you’ll get left behind by technologically advanced competition. From online project management websites to completely cloud-based SharePoint platforms, there are many solutions for the problem that streamlining, sharing and communication presents.

We use SharePoint for our own projects and love the way it simply ties users and projects together. However you may require something more bespoke such as custom project intranet, network telecommunications or perhaps some of the simpler web-based solutions which can be rolled out for very little cost.

Server & Intranet Setup

We have experience with server setup for large projects. We have completed setups using Microsoft Server systems, mail servers, user management and roaming profiles and can set these up quickly. We can spec and supply equipment and maintain it via remote access if required. We have set up satellite internet connections using local providers and also provided onsite support for general IT on construction sites.

Custom intranets are common-place for most companies and can be easily integrated to your server for private access for your team members to do everything a custom website would allow. From news and events to sharing and file management there are few boundaries to what can be achieved. We have experience with most web programming languages including PHP, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS and Java which we would use to develop your system. However sometimes these can be quite complex and are more of a long term system, should you need something short term we can utilise pre-developed systems which will provide similar functionality at a much lower cost.

 Should you have any questions please get in touch. There are many ways we can assist with both simple and complex solutions.